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Key duplication in doorIf someone asked you to list off all the things that a locksmith can do for you would you know?

Most people when asked this only come up with that they can pick a lock and let you into some where that you are locked out of.

At the Chicago Key Shop we can do so much more for you that just pick a door lock for you. Locksmith services are vast and our 24 hour locksmith services are affordable.

Check out our coupon on the home page. Some of the things that we can do for your that are most requested start with your doors being locked.

We can help with your door lock if it's your car, home, or business. We can also have keys made for you in our shop or at your location.

Lock and Key Services

Auto locksmith ignitionWhen you move in our out of an apartment or get a new car a lock change should be preformed by a 24 hour locksmith to make sure that no one but you and maybe the landlord have access to your things.

It's also good to preform a lock change every few years to make sure that your locks are up to date and you are not at risk of a break in because your locks are easily picked or breakable.

Another service that we offer at the Chicago key Shop is installing new systems. Are you sick of looking for your keys or having keys made. Why not let us upgrade you to key less locks.

We can also preform services on any make and model of lock reguardless of the car that it is installed in or the product the lock is installed on. From glove boxes, gun safes, lock boxes, to the pad lock that you lost the key to on your back gate if it locks we can unlock or fix it.